Hi I'm Robert

iOS, macOS and watchOS Developer


Hello I'm Robert

iOS, macOS and watchOS Developer (Apple certified)

The progress of the internet allows us to live permanently in the future. Make sure we give our traditions the look of today. A look created in a simple but powerful "Hi-Tech Design".

I designing in bits, and let them live on the horizon of Xcode. With this development tool, bits come to life on the storyboard. So I let the technology grow into the design with the result: “What you want, I translate it into that, what your customers need to do.”

Input sources with a variety of formats speak the same language, but users request clear words. Users do not want to read a text, they want to see text. Capital and lowercase become "click here"...

It's not a subsidiary but an element of... As an internet architect, I know how to connect the components with my commercial texts. My customers know how to appreciate my ability.

Someday is today
Today, you want to get in touch with the internet architect who allows your website and app to exist in the future. For this first step in a successful direction, you will use the feedback form.


What I do

I design and develop only for companies with more than one hundred employees and governments.
I outsource assignments for smaller companies and private individuals to good designers and developers. Use the feedback form for this.

Web development

I make your activities to the core of your presentation on the internet. It makes your business unique.

Mobile apps

The development of your App with extensive web and databas integration.


My customized e-marketing tools are incredibly successful.


Bring your business to life with my experience in the field of

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August, 2018

Cargo Management System

In 2005 I devised and created the internet application Q-Send. Q-Send is a cargo management system that is used by transport companies.
Q-Send coordinates daily countless shipments (documents, packages, and freight) all over the world. In 2017, Q-Send generated a turnover of 242,980,000 USD. Users participate with a software license of 18,000 USD / year.

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Happy Food
September, 2018

School food systems

In one year more than 320,000 downloads of the App "Happy Zhu" in Asia (iOS and Android). Children can compose their own meals in an animation. The cook Zhu in the App helps them with that.. At the moment more than 18.000 schools in Asia (China) offer meals. The App is developed and made by Nirmala and designed by Robert. (Free download / Pay in App)

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Noveber, 2018

Awesome App HouseKey

Brooklyn was the breeding ground for the Website and App "HausKey" (iOS). We were locked out. The door was closed and the key was inside. With over 3,000 key-specialists participating in the App and more than a thousand downloads by the introducing of the App. The App is booming in the USA. The App is developed and made by Charlotte. The design is from Susana.

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